A:   Would you class yourself as an activist?

E:   I wouldn’t of until I started this petition thing, and that feels like quite an activist kind of thing.  And I’ve also wanted to I do want to do something a bit more practical, but I find it quite a daunting thing to do at Loughborough, but because it’s just not that kind of place, like Loughborough kind of claims itself to be not very political and just doesn’t do stuff like that.  Like, even that petition, like that was quite a big deal because Loughborough just doesn’t protest against stuff.  It just lets everything go by and, erm, and definitely since we’ve had a women’s network and the other kind of groups it’s become more of an activist place, become more of like challenging the kind of like idea, but it’s still so hard.  But I definitely – I really want to like, go to London and take, like, there’s a couple of marches and stuff that I really would love to do and, erm.  And I definitely want to do more, because like I talk quite a lot, but I definitely want to do something a bit more practical but I you have to be in the right environment, and you have to have people around you that are going to do it as well because, yeah, and that’s the issue with Loughborough.