A:   Do you feel like, coming to university, that’s changed, so you always had these – is it, is it kind of – oh, what’s the word I was going to use?  You know coming to university made you grow up quite a lot.  Has it made your kind of views stronger in a way?

E:   Absolutely Erm, definitely.  I definitely changed quite a bit, in my - like I said I always kind of had these kind of – I’ve always felt these things, and if other people talked about them I’d be like oh yeah now I agree.  But now I feel like I am someone that, erm would probably – it feels like I am that person that would tell other people, and they might agree.  Do you know what I mean, like, I feel like it’s taken, like now it’s quite a big part of my life, and quite a big part of who I am, erm, and quite an important part.  Quite a, like, part that means a lot to me, and something that therefore I want to, like, take further and want to like, I want, I want to create – I want to be a part of the change, like I want to actually actively do things that are going to be positive for our, for, for other people.  Erm, and it definitely wasn’t that – I didn’t feel like that about it before I came to university.  Erm I was probably very much caught up in kind of the sport world of things and was definitely more that orientated and that way, that way focused.  But I find this more fulfilling, erm, so yeah I, it’s definitely, it’s definitely made me grow up.  I think I’ve always been pretty, I’ve always been probably a little bit more mature.  I probably grew up when I was younger, and probably earlier than some other people did,  But I feel like, yeah like as a person my kind of, political side of me has grown phenomenally since being at university.  And it’s because of the people that I’ve met, erm, and the people that have inspired me, and, yeah, and then, and then, and because I’m such a – I like to – I definitely like to know about things.  So I read quite a lot of articles and something like I hear a viewpoint someone says and I like to be able to look at all sides of it, and kind of pick it apart in a sense.  So, I mean that’s helped me grow as well as I’ve read about stuff and watched things, and watched documentaries and that kind of thing.  Erm, and I think I just take a real interest in the real life and what’s really going on, and what’s really going on behind what people are doing.  Erm, but that’s definitely developed since being at uni, yeah.